Friday, May 8, 2009

Romance Book Review: Lover and Commander

Author: Jez Morrow
ISBN: 9781419918704
Futuristic/ M/M


Talon is a strong
Kuryeen warrior. When he meets Earthbreed Liam Grey he is disgusted to find himself partnered with such a barbarian. As time goes by and the two men are sent to guard a nearby planet Talon soon discovers that he can't help who he falls in love with, but loving a another man is just not done where he comes from.

Laim is excited about the chance to command his own ship. He doesn't mind that he is stationed with Talon and as with everything else he makes the best of it. When Liam learns the lengths that Talon will go to fight the attraction he has for Liam, Liam can't help but try and stop Talon.

This emotionally charged book delves into the issues of how two heterosexual alpha male types deal with suddenly being sexually attracted to each other.


Talon is the elite of his kind, one of the proud, beautiful Kuryeen. So he cannot understand how he ended up under the command of barbarian Earthbreed Liam Grey.

Ace fighter pilot Liam is the sort of untamed brute that Kuryeen females pretend to have no interest in — but they always look.

Talon finds Liam's so-called boyish charm childish. Liam is brash, brazen, shameless — qualities not valued by the Kuryeen. To the warrior, pride is everything and Talon would choose death before shame. Talon is afraid of Liam and cannot say why. Friendly, cheerful Liam is no one his wingman should fear. So why does Talon's guard go up the first moment Liam brushes near him? Talon only knows that his commander presents a threat to him beyond his ability to resist.

About the author from the back of her book:
Jez Morrow is a Scorpio with Scorpio rising. The eyes are gray. The hair is blonde at the moment. Rather than the traditional cat, her writing familiar is a large black dog. She is published internationally under several names.
Jez is married to her true love, a combat veteran. (She has a thing for a military man.) Jez and her husband (and the dog) currently live in Ohio, but their hearts are in the Smoky Mountains.

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