Friday, May 22, 2009

Romance Book Review: Nauti Nights

Author: Lora Leigh
Series Connection: Nauti Boys
ISBN: 042521740X
Genre: Contemporary erotic romance


Blackmail is such a dirty business, but after eight years of waiting on the one woman he really wanted, James "Dawg" Mackay couldn't wait any longer. He had Crista Jansen right where he wanted her. For years Dawg had been having vivid dreams of what he wanted to do to Crista, but every time he tried to get close to her she backed away. Then suddenly eight years ago she just took off and moved in with another man in another state. Now she's back and in trouble and Dawg will stop at nothing to keep her safe, as well as have his way with her, every way possible.

Crista remembers things a little bit differently. Perhaps that's because Dawg doesn't remember what happened the one and only night they shared together. Even though she could never forget Dawg that is exactly what she sets out to do. Unfortunately, that isn't what happens and after eight years she decides to sweep the ghosts out of her past.

Now she's been home for over a year and suddenly strange things are happening to her. Then one day she goes on, what she thinks is, a simple errand to turns into bullets being fired all around her. It turns out the one who saves her is the one man she can't forget Dawg.

I liked the second story in the Nauti Boys series, Nauti Nights, a little better than the first. The characters were a little stronger and the buildup of the mystery was nicely executed. At first I was a little concerned that I wouldn't like the blackmail angle to the story, but Dawg more than redeems himself throughout the story. I like Crista too. She's been thrown to the wolves and in a desperate situation that isn't of her own making. She's smart and sassy, which I love in a heroine. Dawg is the ultimate Nauti Boy, especially in the love scenes. So far this series is really good.

I love series books and reading them one right after the other is more fun for me than waiting a few months for the next one to come out. So I'm off to read the next book in this series "Nauti Dreams."

James "Dawg" Mackey has lusted after sweet Crista Jansen for years. Just as many as she's spent running from him—and from that dangerous attraction that shot like a spark through her whole body. But now for Crista, running isn't an option anymore because Dawg's got a plan. It's kind of low-down. And kind of hot.
Blackmail is a dirty word, but Dawg will use it if that's what it takes to get Crista where he wants her. His hungers are too hard and fierce not to. He doesn't realize that Crista has a longing too. She's knows what he's up to, what he's capable of. He didn't get that nickname for nothing. And before the night is through, Crista's making him work for it.

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