Monday, May 25, 2009

Romance Book Review: Unbroken

Author: Maya Banks
ISBN: 978-1-60504-161-2
Genre: Contemporary erotic romance


This is an excellent trio of stories by Maya Banks. These novels were previous released as individual e-books and now are in one full set in paperback and e-book, as well as still available in e-book individually.

The novels take place in a small town in Texas where several friends get together. The first story, Understood, is about Jake and Ellie. Jake had been in love with Ellie for a long time, but she married his best friend. He separated himself from Ellie's life as much as possible because it was just too painful to see her with his friend, but while he wasn't paying attention Ellie was going through hell.

She's divorced now and Jake is just waiting for her to come to terms with what happened in her marriage to be ready for him. When she is ready look out because she's his and Jake has no intention of letting her go.

In Overheard Luke has been interested in Gracie for a long time, but he finally gets the nerve to do something about it when he overhears her talking to her friend about her sexual fantasies. Now with help of his friend Wes, he is going to fulfill her dreams and hopefully fulfill some of his own as well.

And lastly in Undenied, Wes gets the shock of his life when he sees a woman from his past. He doesn't quite know how to handle the fact that he's attracted to her, but when he's with her all he can remember is their one and only time together as teenagers. Wes remembers it as the most embarrassing sexual experience of his life.

Payton remembers it a little differently. She sets out to show Wes that she is no longer the little virgin she was when they last saw each other. Her plans of seduction work and as they get to know each other, Wes isn't so sure what he wants to do about her. He likes his life the way it is, but he isn't sure he wants to be without Payton in his life.

Maya Banks is easily one of the top writers in the erotic romance genre. The way she writes love scenes will make even the most hard-core blush and others wish they were the characters in the scenes. By themselves or all together these stories are worth the read.

Three stories from the pen of Maya Banks!
Payton is the last woman Wes ever expected or wanted to see again. He’s come a long way since their awkward teenage encounter, and his ego needs no reminder. Payton harbors no such reservations about catching up on old times, if she could just get him over his mental block. But that’s nothing a blindfold and a little mad seduction scheme can’t fix…


Gracie is tired of the men in her life never fulfilling her vivid sexual fantasies. When Luke overhears her talking about what she really wants, he’s stunned—and very turned on. So Gracie thinks no man alive can satisfy her? He aims to prove her wrong.


Jake made the ultimate mistake—falling in love with Ellie, his best friend’s wife. Distance was the only solution, but it prevented him from seeing what a bastard his friend turned out to be. Now Ellie is free from the bondage of her past, and Jake waits. Needing, wanting, and ready for her when she spreads her wings.

Product Warnings
This title contains explicit sex, graphic language, mad seduction schemes, drop-dead sexy hunks, and a menage a trois.

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