Monday, June 22, 2009

Romance Book Review: Dark and Deadly

Author: Jeanne Adams
ISBN: 978-1420104301
Genre: Romantic Suspense


Dark and Deadly is a non-stopped action packed book that starts with Torie Hagan being left at the alter five years before. Ever since than Torie has been having some strange problems. All of the men she dates have been having bad things happen to them. The problems seems to be escalating until one day someone throws a pipe bomb into her house. Then her ex-fiance is found murdered and now Torie is a prime suspect. If that isn't bad enough, she's being shot at, cars are exploding and people are getting hurt. Through it all the last person she ever wanted to see again steps back into her life.

Paul Jameson has known Torie since college. He was her ex-finance's best friend and he was very against Torie marrying his friend. Now he's here to help and Torie needs all the help she can get. What would happen though if the killer finds out he's helping her, Paul could be his next victim.

This is the first book I've read from this author and I was pretty impressed. The book is a classic suspense with lots of twists and turns so it keeps the readers guessing on who the killer is and exactly why he has targeted Torie. The romantic scenes are pretty much in the sensual category which I appreciated because the story was much more wrapped around the mystery rather than the sex scenes. I really liked the heroine, Torie, and her friend Pam. Both Torie and Paul work well as a couple in the story, leaving the readers to wonder why it took eleven years for them to get together.

Cursed. Bad things happen to men who get close to Victoria Hagan. Now one of them has paid the ultimate price. Her ex-fiance, Todd, has been found murdered in the very church where he left her at the altar - and Torie is the prime suspect. Her only hope is the last person she wants to see...Ever since he advised his best friend not to marry her and the bride-to-be walked in on the conversation, Paul Jameson has stayed far away from Torie - and resisted their dangerously hot mutual attraction. Still, Paul promised Todd he would take care of Torie. She certainly needs him now...almost as much as he wants her. And that's exactly what a killer is counting on...

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