Monday, June 29, 2009

Romance Book Review: The Gee Spot

Author: Mia Varrano
ISBN: 978-1-60310-330-5
Genre: Erotic Romance


When Hayley and AJ were in high school, she was the rich prom queen and he was the geeky nerd that she didn't give the time of day. In fact, years later when she meets him at a charity ball she doesn't even know who he is beside the billionaire playboy that all the women are drooling after.

AJ remembers Hayley though. Not only was she the object of his teenage desires, but her father owned the company where his father got fired before he died. AJ thinks now is the time to make Hayley pay for her father's sins so he embarrasses her at a charity auction. She lets it go not really understanding what his problem was. But when AJ learns her little secret he decides he isn't done with his revenge and he keeps after her to make his revenge complete. But what happens when he realizes Hayley isn't exactly who he thought she was?

The Gee Spot wasn't what I had expected. As a matter of fact, at a point in the story I was really feeling very sad in Hayley's defense and was about ready to give up on AJ having any redeeming character at all. In the end though, I give the author some points for having a well written and interesting story. Mia has a great way with words and can really write some nice and steamy sex scenes.

What happens when a former high school geek crosses paths with the prom queen? Plenty when the geek is now a gorgeous billionaire and the prom queen owns a sex toy company, The Gee Spot. But the prom queen has trouble with her own G spot and the geek exploits her problem—and her—to exact a satisfying revenge...for both of them.

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