Saturday, June 20, 2009

Romance Book Review: If He's Wicked

Author: Hannah Howell
ISBN: 978-1420104608
Genre: Historical/Suspense/Paranormal


If He's Wicked is set in 1785 England where seer, Chloe Wherlocke, foresees her sister's death after she gives birth to her dead child. She also sees others who conspire to use the dead child as part of a plan to destroy and kill a young Earl, by switching her sister's dead child with his live one. Chloe keeps the Earl's baby until she knows he is safe. The story then jumps to three years later when she finally meets the Earl and saves his life as she did his son's.

There are a lot of characters to get used to in this story, but the plot keeps readers interested as Chloe and the Earl, Julian, work to stop the plans of his evil wife and her lover. First though Chloe has to get Julian back to the man he once was before his wife turned on him and he in turn turned to woman and drink. The two are a great couple and as the suspense builds their love affair takes shape.

This novel is well worth the read mostly because of the heroine, Chloe. She holds the appeal of an sweet innocent girl, who is smart and keeps her head in times of crisis. Those who like historical romances that use language of the time will like this book.

She saves his life. . .

For Chloe Wherlocke, it all begins with a vision - a glimpse into the future that foretells a terrible plot against Lord Julian Kenwood and his newborn son. Chloe's psychic gift allows her to save the child from certain death, but the earl remains in grave peril. . .

But when he steals her heart. . .

Julian Kenwood knows someone is trying to kill him and he suspects his scheming wife and her lover are behind the plot. But Julian is shocked when Chloe, a captivating, dark-haired stranger, warns him that sinister forces are indeed at hand - and exposes a devastating secret that changes his life forever...Will she resist - or surrender? As Chloe reveals her plan to save Julian, neither can deny the attraction that grows each moment they're together. Chloe knows the highborn earl could never love her as she loves him. But when danger strikes closer than ever, Chloe must risk everything - or lose Julian forever. . .

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