Thursday, June 11, 2009

Romance Book Review: Loving the Right Brother

Author: Marie Ferrarella
Series Connection: The Alaskans and Famous Families
ISBN: 9780373654598
Genre: Contemporary Romance


For years Brody Hayes has loved Irena Yovich, but she was his brother's girl. When she was eighteen Brody's playboy brother broke Irena's heart and she went off to college without looking back.

When Irene returns to Hades, Alaska after ten years for her ex-boyfriend's funeral, there is her old best friend Brody just like always. Brody is the exact opposite of his brother, Irena's ex. He was always there to tell her secrets and now it is almost like nothing has changed, but it has. Suddenly Irena is having some different feelings for him, but she doesn't think she should act on them because she has no intention of staying Hades. What would it hurt though to get a little closer to him while she was here?

In pure Marie Ferrarella style this is a heart warming novel. As always Marie relates an appealing story which is well plotted with wonderful characters. I especially loved reading the interactions between Irena and her grandfather Yuri.

Seeing Brody Hayes again was like seeing a ghost. But, Irena Yovich noted with relief, the resemblance he bore to his late playboy brother—Irena's philandering ex-boyfriend—was purely physical. Still, she knew she'd better not get too close. . .

Brody had been secretly in love with Irena for years, and now she was suddenly within his reach. All he had to do was convince her that they were meant to be—that he was the right brother after all. . . .

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