Friday, July 3, 2009

Romance Book Review: Hometown Courtship

Love Inspired Book of the Month
Author: Diann Hunt
ISBN: 9780373875399
Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance


Not one to like Christian books that quote a lot of scripture, I was pleased when I picked up Hometown Courtship. While I like Christian romance I like it better when an author takes the time to get creative to get the message across. That is just what Diann Hunt does in Hometown Courtship. Inside the pages of her novel she creates extraordinary characters wrestling with profound, yet all too common life issues.

Brad Sharp and his family have had a great loss. Brad's father and sister have both recently passed away. Brad's mother is experiencing severe depression. Brad, himself, is experiencing the guilt of not being there for his sister before she passed away like he promised his father he would be. Through it all his older brother has decided to matchmaker and send a woman Brad's way. It doesn't matter though because Brad is convinced he is leaving the country for his next missionary assignment as soon as it comes along.

Callie's life is a little disorganized. Now to make matters worse she has just been handed a sentence of community service from the local judge and all because she forgot to pay a parking ticket, or seven. Callie decides she can do just about anything, but go to work on a construction site. The very thought of the smell of sawdust reminded her of her father and the heartbreak of how he walked out on her years ago immediately following the death of her mother.

At times the courtship between Callie and Brad reminded me of an old fifty's movie with Doris Day and Rock Hudson. It was enjoyable going through the entire process with them.

His matchmaking brother is sending another single gal Brad Sharp's way. Under the guise of community service! The Make a Home project—building houses for the needy—is Brad's life. He fully expects hairstylist Callie Easton to show up for "work" with a pink hammer and not even use it. Hardly a match for him!

With a heart of gold and a talent for transformation, Callie works hard. Still, Brad won't notice her. His grief over a tragic loss has hardened his heart. Well, Callie knows all about loss. And thanks to Brad, she knows even more about making a home—for them.

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