Thursday, July 9, 2009

Romance Book Review: Slow-Play

Author: Carol Lynne
Series Connection: Poker Night Series
ISBN: 978-1-907010-42-2
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ M/M


Carol Lynne is my favorite author in this genre. She does an excellent job at conveying love and romance between men. I find her writing to be refreshing and without the standard stereotypes that can be found in the genre.

Slow-Play is no different. The second book in the Poker Night series leaves me hanging on the edge of my seat waiting for what will come next in the poker buddies lives.

The story between Bobby and Jules was developed for such a short novel. The characters were well written and the men as a couple were quite compatible even though they came from different positions in their life. Carol didn't play on the angle of age too much, which was appreciated because that would have just been another barrier that the couple in the story didn't need.

Waiting in anticipation for book number three, but I haven't seen any indication of when it will be released. I hope soon.

Charter Captain Bobby Quinn loves life on the water. What he hates is working for his brother.

Charter Captain Bobby Quinn loves life on the water. What he hates is working for his brother. After years spent restoring an aging wooden yacht, his brother bought it out from under him. In Bobby's mind, if family will screw you at the drop of a hat so will everyone else so, except for his bi-weekly poker game, he sticks to the solitude of the boat he loves.

Dr. Jules Peters knows all about solitude. When not working endless hours as Head of Emergency Medicine, he's tinkering in his garage. A collector of vintage cars in need of TLC, Jules has an impressive collection of cars but few friends.

Jules meets Bobby when he's given a cruise around the San Francisco Bay as a gift. Although their mutual attraction is explosive, neither man is ready to move out of his comfort zone. It might take a meddling med student and an off-season football coach to get these two loners to see there's more to life than caring for inanimate objects.

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