Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Romance Book Review: Wild Wolf

Author: Karen Whiddon
Series Connection: The Pack
ISBN: 978-0373618149
Genre: Paranormal/shape-shifter/ werewolf


Right off the bat this book attracted me with just the cover. The use of color and graphics drew my attention. Of course to book publishers that is one of the most important steps to the sale of a successful novel. Many times a bad looking or boring cover can mean that even the best of books stay on the book store shelves.

The story drew me in even farther. I loved the no nonsense heroine in the book. Raven has lived in the human world for most of her life and didn't care for it. She was born as a shapeshifter, but had no idea what or why she was. She believes that she is a freak of nature and the only one of her kind. Her parents died in an automobile accident and Raven is raised by a foster family. Later she finds herself in the hands of evil professors where she is kept caged and the subject vile and unspeakable acts.

When she is set free from him, Raven moves into the mountains and takes up with a pack of wild wolves. She's happy in her life, until one day she sees another who can shift to a wolf like she can. When she meets Simon she has a million questions. The only problem is, just like Raven has found before, the world is not a safe place for her kind and those like her want her dead. Even as she begins to fall in love with Simon, she isn't sure she can trust him to keep her safe.

The characters in this book are believable despite the fact that they grow fangs and get all hairy. The love story is well written and the action keeps the readers attention. I'm sorry I missed the other books in the series and am investigating finding them online to add to my collection.

Turning her back on humans because of her ability to shape-shift into a wolf, young and beautiful Raven doesn't believe she needs anyone. Until the day a darkly handsome man appears near her remote cave…and she watches him turn into a wolf.

Simon Caldwell has been sent to assess the threat of a new feral wolf prowling the Rockies. But he's wholly unprepared for his intense attraction to Raven. His investigation is about to take a deadly turn as he and Raven become the hunted. Now their very survival depends on Simon's ability to win what this wild wolf holds most dear!

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