Thursday, August 6, 2009

Romance Book Review: Seducing the Moon

Author: Sherrill Quinn
Series Connection: Daring the Moon
ISBN-13: 978-0758231895
Genre: Paranormal/Werewolf/Suspense


As far as Pelicia Cobb is concerned the ends don't justify the means. She has no intention of forgiving Declan O'Connell for using her to get to her grandfather two years ago. She had thought Declan loved her, but in the end she had lost her job, her friends and the life she loved.

Now two years later Declan is back trying to ask her forgiveness and although time has changed nothing and she still loves him, she can't trust him.

Declan will do anything to get back in Pel's good graces. He stayed away as long as he could hoping time would help and she would forgive, but now he can not wait any longer. Someone is taking shots at Pel and he doesn't know if it something because of him and the fact that four months ago he was in a battle that changed him completely, or if it is someone who wants to get even with Pel's grandfather.

In the end it doesn't matter, because he will do everything in his power to save the woman he loves and keep her safe, even if it means continuing to deceive her.

Seducing the Moon offered a good story line and characters. Declan was strong and stubborn, just as any good Irishman should be. The fact that he continued to mislead Pel even after he knew she would be upset, kind of threw me off. He was falling into the exact same trap he had two years earlier and didn't seem to learn his lesson.

Pel on the other hand was a little annoying at times. She didn't seem to take any notice that someone was shooting at her and she might have needed to have a little care until she found out for sure what was going on. Trotting off to London as if everything was okay was a little off the mark for someone whose life was being threatened, even if she did think that person shooting at them wasn't after her.

Other than that I thought the story line was fast paced and interesting. There were some mysteries in the story that sent readers in various directions until the end trying to pick out who the shooter was. I'd be interested to hear more about Sully and where he is going to go from here.


Declan O'Connell has a history with Pelicia Cobb, but not the kind that's going to help him win her back. It was bad enough that he broke her heart as a gruff ex-commando. Now he's got another side to his personality, a furry, fierce side that goes a little wild under the light of the moon...

Pel wants nothing more than the chance to clean up the mess Declan made of her life - without his interference. But with a sniper taking shots at her on her doorstep, there's no one better to protect her than Declan. And it's hard to ignore all of his deliciousness, especially the way her body responds to his undeniable magnetism. There's no question the rugged Irishman brings out the animal instinct in her - an instinct that propels her toward him, even when she knows she should run away...

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