Thursday, August 6, 2009

Romance Book Review: Lord of Pleasure

Author: Delilah Marvelle
Series Connection: Mistress of Pleasure
ISBN-13: 978-1420104493
Genre: Historical


Lady Charlotte Chartwell is left destitute by her philandering husband when she meets Alexander Baxendale, the Earl of Hawksfort, or otherwise known as the Lord of Pleasure by the ton. Never would Charlotte believe that she would have to use her body to make money, but she has no choice and makes an offer to Alexander.

At one time Alexander would have been tempted, but things have changed rather quickly upon meeting Charlotte and Alexander turns Charlotte down leaving her stunned. Instead of taking her up on her offer Alexander decides to help the widow, but she turns him down, not interested in anyone's charity.

When next he sees Charlotte he finds her at place where men learn how to charm and seduce women. Charlotte has acquired the job as Conductor of Admissions. Alexander's reaction to this news is charming and laughable. He begins a quest to attract Charlotte's attention, which turn into hilarious fun. Lord of Pleasure is a charming and delightful read. I loved the hero, Alexander. His sex appeal came right through the pages.

Delilah has written a delightful romp right out of the pages of history. It will be interesting to see where she takes the rest of the series.

Once upon a time, Alexander William Baxendale, the Earl of Hawksford, was known to all of London and its besotted women as the Lord of Pleasure. Those days of frolicking, however, come to an abrupt end when he inherits not only the estate, but all of his father's responsibilities, including five, overzealous sisters and a not-so-proper mother. When Alexander meets the beautiful Lady Chartwell, he once again finds himself yearning for days of old. Left penniless by her philandering husband, Lady Chartwell survives financial ruin by turning to scandal and becoming the Conductor of Admissions to a school that educates men in the art of seduction. Alexander knows that desperate times call for desperate pleasures, but if he's lucky, it may very well lead him to a hell of a lot more.

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