Saturday, August 1, 2009

Romance Book Review: The Notorious Bridegroom

Author: Kit Donner
Genre: Historical
Release Date: Aug. 4, 2009


They call him the "Black Ghost" Lord Londringham, Bryce, was once a spy for the Crown. Now he is determined to find the French spy who is threatening his country.

Patience Mandeley will do anything to protect her family, even pose as a maid to find information to stop the misjustice of one of her brothers being accused of treason and murder. When she first starts her search she is convinced that Bryce is the guilty party, until she gets to know the Lord and realizes that it isn't him and she is in much more danger that she ever thought she would be. Now it is up to Bryce to find the real traitor and protect Patience, the woman he has come to love.

This is a well written historical with an eclectic array of characters. Kit Donner definitely knows her subject matter and all things from the Regency era. I really like Patience intelligent and strong will, as well as the fact that she is naive because it shows her vulnerability and dedication to her brother's cause. I also thought Bryce was a played a great role for the hero. It is also interesting working through the clues that the author leaves for the mystery with the fumbling criminals.

Ever since the horrible day her brother was accused of treason, Patience Mandeley hasn't recognized her own behaviour. Under normal circumstances she would never be disguised as a maid, skulking around an earl's estate for secrets she isn't meant to find. But now the situation is desperate, and Patience will do whatever it takes to spare her beloved brother the noose, even if it means finding the true spy herself.

To do that, she'll have to gain access to the estate of Lord Londringham, the most desired bachelor in all of England-without him knowing who she really is. But even in her maid's uniform, she can't miss the looks of unsuppressed desire she receives from her employer, and she finds to her dismay that the attraction is quite mutual. Though she knows she must ignore her feelings for this dark-haired rogue to save her family and escape ruin, his close proximity is making all reason impossible...and Patience may find that the real traitor is her own body.

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