Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Romance Book Review: Secret Desires

Author: Stormy Glenn
Series Connection: Tri-Omega Mates 1
ISBN: 1-60601-287-8
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Gay Menage a Trois M/M/M, Werewolves


Jake and Lucas have been lovers for nearly 10 years when suddenly Alpha Jake finds his true mate. There is no other choice then to let Lucas go and mate with Leyland. Or is there?

Leyland heads out to a photo shot only to find his two mates. Being a rare Tri-Omega Leyland has special needs that only Jake and Lucas can give him.

Everyone has secret desires, especially werewolf, Leyland Summers. He dreams of two sexy mates to bring all of his fantasies to life. When he encounters a sexy cowboy who wants to take him for a wild ride, what does he say? Hell yes!

Coming to ranch country for a picture shoot, Leyland was shocked to find not one, but two mates. Being a tri-omega, he had always known that he would have two mates. He just never expected to find them in the same place. Or to find out that they had been lovers for years.

Having two mates is no big deal for Leyland. He grew up with two fathers. But having two mates that were already in love is something all together different. How is he supposed to share Lucas with Jake...or Jake with Lucas? And where does that leave him?

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