Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Romance Book Review: Tasting Fear

Author: Shannon McKenna
ISBN-13: 978-0758228635
Genre: Romantic Suspense


Tasting Fear follows the story of three woman adopted by a woman who holds many secrets. Nancy, Nell and Vivi have their own stories in the three book anthology. One of the things I like about Shannon McKenna stories is that her characters are real. They all have their issues and dramas usually making for lively stories, great romance and suspense.

That said I still found some real issues with these stories. The suspense and mystery part of the book work to connect the three stories. Also as always the author didn't skimp on some really hot sex scenes. I liked the story line between Nell and Duncan (Ask For More) the best. Duncan was not your normal alpha hero. I liked the way his character moved from a nerdy computer, businessman type to alpha commando. He was a lot of fun to read and watch as he fell in love with Nell. I also liked Nell. She had a messed up childhood and issues with her mother, but she still was willing to give love a try.

The other two sisters and their stories just didn't really work for me. In real lives the other two couples would never stay together for more than a minute. It was a little disappointing the way they quickly solved their differences at the end of each story instead of finding an answer earlier on to make it more believable.

Blood will tell...
Nancy, Nell, Vivi...Three sisters who know there is no force on earth greater than love...unless it is the desire for vengeance. When their adored foster mother is murdered, the D'Onofrio women come together to hunt for her murderer - and track down a family legacy gone missing: rare, priceless art from the Renaissance, a treasure worth killing for. The law can only do so much and the three sisters are on their own - until three mysterious men get involved...Startled to find a brawny stranger at her mother's house, Nancy is even more surprised at the heat of passion that flares between them. Liam is intense and instantly protective. But is it wise to trust him with every secret? Her sister Nell has turned to Duncan, her new boss, for help. He's an expert on the dark underworld of cyberspace, where other clues may lurk. And Duncan is so sexy it's scary. All Nell has to do is say the hardest word of all: yes. But what about the youngest of the D'Onofrios, the wild and willful Vivi? She's on the verge of falling in love with Jack, who's all about fierce vigilance...

The sisters embrace the ultimate in passion as danger stalks them all. Unknown and unseen, the killer is very, very near...

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