Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Romance Byte: Sexy Beast VII

Author: Kate Douglas, Anitra Lynn McLeod and Shelli Stevens
ISBN: 978-0758228703
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Big and bold, primal and powerful, these men have a seductive sensuality that no woman can resist. Come enter their world of carnal desires and wanton sexuality...if you dare...

Chanku Challenge by Kate Douglas
When Beth and Nick first discovered the amazingly sensual power of their Chanku birthright, the desire to mate was fierce and uncontrollable. But Beth remains haunted by an event from her past, and she must confront it in order to accept her new life and find the happiness she so desperately seeks...

Eye of the Beholder by Anitra Lynn McLeod
Terrified at the rumors of her new husband's hideous disfigurement, Larra of Rellmon fears the night and his approach. But as the hooded Dauer caresses her body Larra's shivers of terror become quivers of ecstasy, and under cover of darkness she willingly submits to complete sexual surrender...

His To Reclaim by Shelli Stevens
Five years ago Gemma gave her heart and soul to a fellow werejaguar only to have him disappear. Now Hunter has come back and kidnapped her on her wedding day in order to make her his again, and he will tempt, tease and taunt her body to the heights of hedonistic pleasure to get exactly what he wants...

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