Saturday, September 5, 2009

Love Inspired Romance of the Month: Hometown Reunion

Author: Pam Andrews
ISBN: 9780373875528
Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance


After quitting her job in Chicago, Lori Raymond temporarily moves back to her Iowa hometown and becomes reacquainted with her high school crush. Lori has dreams of becoming a chef in the big city, but first she needs to help her aunt reopen an old rundown dinner.

Scott Mara has been through a lot since high school and his crush on Lori Raymond. He is now a widower and a father of a four year old boy. He can barely support himself and his son through his construction business. The minute he sees Lori back in town all his feelings for her resurface, as well as the reasons they could never be together.

Lori has always had a strong faith in God, while Scott has struggled with his faith. It stopped them from being together when they were young, will it do the same now that they are older and those old feels are still there?

This is a very inspiring book made better by the lead characters and their supporting cast. Scott's son Joey, even for a four year old plays a strong role throughout the book.

Lori Raymond thought her old crush on Scott Mara was long gone. But then a job disaster brings her home to Apple Grove, Iowa…and back into Scott's life. Working together to renovate the town's café, Lori sees a side of Scott she never expected. The former bad boy is now a caring single father, taking his first steps toward a faith-filled life. A life he wants Lori to share. Now Lori must decide: will she follow her dreams back to the big city…or let her heart finally lead her home?

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