Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Romance Book Review: All For A Dead Man's Leg

Author: R. Ann Siracusa
ISBN: 978-1-934657-16-4
Genre: Romantic Comedy / Romantic Suspense


Harriet Ruby is a tour director on her first international tour. She's knows she new at this kind of tour and not quite prepared to take a simple group of tourist out to an area she's never been before, but she has no choice when her teaching partner calls in sick and the plane is about to leave. Harriet is confident she can lead this group, after all she's a "Tour Director Extraordinaire". This trip will be a piece of cake and everyone will have a great time, right?

Of course that was before one of her tourist mysteriously dies and a stranger, who isn't exactly what she thought he was, comes to her rescue. I found Harriet's character utterly charming. The whole book is written in the first person. Harriet is way out of her league, but her first concern is her tourists and not getting caught with a dead man in a foreign country..

All for a Dead Man's Leg is an action packed novel that leaves the reader guessing on who is really the bad guys, which is always the mark of a great book for me.

My name is Harriet Ruby, Tour Director Extraordinaire. At least I thought I was worthy of that title until one of my tourists, Archie Philpot, died in the middle of my first, solo European tour.

Teaming up with William Talbot, a seemingly kind stranger who turned out to be a spy in disguise, I tried to keep my tourists happy and unaware while smuggling poor old Archie's body out of Morocco. I never expected my newfound friend and helper to be the love of my life. It certainly didn’t hurt that he was such a hunk!

But before our romance even got properly started, we were chased by terrorists, smugglers and murderers. Since my role model had always been Tour Guide Barbie, I was out of my league and had to rely on Will to get us to safely.

Little did I know that getting out of Morocco was just the beginning...

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