Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Romance Book Scene: The Eternal Kiss

Author: Christina Kelly
Genre: Paranormal/ Vampire/ Inter-racial


It isn't often that an romance author will write a story where she writes in the first person for all of the characters. At any given time during The Eternal Kiss, readers will hear the point of view from each of the four main characters. When the book first opens readers met vampires Allurius and Dresden. Vampires for centuries the two have drifted toward each other as companions. Allurius frequently takes off for weeks at a time. This one time he comes home with a young girl that he intends to turn into a vampire.

Alana is 17 years old and comes from an abusive home environment. Allurius rescues her, by killing her stepfather and taking her away to his home and back to fellow vampire Dresden. After making her a vampire they realize that Alana is having problems changing into a full vampire and she won't take human blood. They don't want to believe the stories from other vampires that Alana is different and if she is kept alive she could be the destruction to them all.

This is a very good novel first novel for 20 year old Christina Kelly. Vampire fans will enjoy the story line and the collection of vampires throughout the book. The first person monolog may take a little getting used to because it isn't a common means of writing, but interesting. The complex mystery around the story offers readers the chance to get to know the characters that in the appear to be coming back in a sequel or two.

In The Eternal Kiss we meet Alana Marie Sheridan a young girl living in a broken home, moving through the world unnoticed and unappreciated. That is until Allurius Lebeau, a devastatingly handsome, hot tempered, immensely wealthy vampire, stumbles upon her and is drawn to her so quickly even his companion Dresden Hawthorn is baffled at his hastiness in giving this girl immortality.

However things are not as they seem when they find Alana’s body has rejected the preternatural blood bestowed upon her and her dark brown eyes have turned a startling shade of magenta while she herself is in a fragile limbo between life and death.

Filled with the emotional back-stories of Allurius and Dresden, The unforeseen danger and warnings from others in their vampire coven and finally the kidnapping of Alana by a Primoris Humus vampire for the blood inside of her.

This novel puts both Allurius and Dresden to the test to see if they can put the past behind them and save Alana before she becomes just another memory in their eternal lives.

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