Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Romance Book Review: Anna in the Middle

Author: Barbara Elsborg
ISBN: 9781419920837
Genre: Erotic Romance/ M-F-M


While trying desperately to get away from her sister and her sister's boyfriend, Anna climbs over a fence and meets Jax. After a one night stand and a misunderstanding, Anna goes back to her life, which is rife with problems. She's being stalked by a man who has claimed to be an ex-boyfriend. When he shows up as her sister's new boyfriend, no one will believe Anna when she says he was never her boyfriend.

Jax and Will have been together for a year and although Jax is happy with Will, something is missing. He realizes what that is when he meets Anna. Will is upset and scared about his and Jax's relationship when Jax tells him about Anna. At the same time he is determined for Jax and Anna to meet again. When he goes looking for her he realizes some things don't add up and his cop instinct is telling him something is wrong.

This story has an interesting plot. Anna stalker is certainly crazy and his character well written. Anna has a great character too, she's strong willed and sexy. What I can't figure out why no one will believe her about the man not being her stalker. I didn't see anything in the character development that would make her parents, sister or friends not believe her. I kept wondering if I missed something. Other than that, I thought the books was filled with passion, romance, great bedroom scenes and strong characters.

Anna is in the middle of a mess. She’s being stalked by a manipulative guy who’s about to marry her sister and has everyone convinced Anna is jealous. Her luck changes when she meets tall, blond and gorgeous Jax. But after a scorching night of sex, Anna discovers something that makes her think he’s married.

Jax is in the middle of a dilemma. He’s torn between the man he loves and a woman he’s just met. Tracking her down means risking what he already has—but he wants them both. Jax is desperate to find her, but will she understand what he has to tell her?

Will is in the middle of heartache. He knows Jax loves him, though he’s never said it. He also knows Jax has found a woman. Torn between being a good friend and Jax’s lover, Will’s not sure their relationship will survive. The only way to find out is to locate Anna for Jax. But when Will finds her, he discovers the reason Jax has fallen so hard.

One of the delicious heroes in this story—Jax—was originally introduced in Something About Polly, however this story is a perfect stand-alone.

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