Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Romance Book Review: What A Dragon Should Know

Author: G.A. Aiken
Series Connection: Dragon Kin 3
ISBN: 978-1420103755

Genre: Paranormal/ Shifter/ Dragon


What A Dragon Should Know is the third installment in G.A. Aiken (a.k.a. Shelly Laurenston) Dragon Kin series. The story picks up where the story lines with Briec and Fearghus leave off. Gwenvael the Handsome is a vein golden dragon, who shifts into a beautifully handsome man. All of the women love him and pay him vast amounts of attention.

Asked to be a emissary for Queen Annwyl the Bloody, Gwenvael travels to the Northlands to meet with "the Beast". When he arrives he immediately insults the leaders of the Northlands by laughing hysterical when he realizes that "the Beast" is not a big burly man but a small woman.

Knowing he can't let his Queen down, Gwenvael has to devise a plan to get back into the good graces of the Northlanders. He knows he cannot seduce "the Beast" for she is the one woman who doesn't seem the least bit enamored by Gwenvael's good looks or his charm.

When Dagmar (a.k.a. "the Beast") hears that there is a dragon on her father's land she can't help but worry that her father and brothers think she would make a good human sacrifice. Instead she finds out that the dragon has been sent to speak for the Queen and to find out the information Dagmar has that will save the twins that the Queen is carrying. Too soon Dagmar is insulted and showing the dragon why she is called "the Beast".

Once Gwenvael is back in Dagmar's good graces, the two travel across the country land in order to save the life of the Queen of the Southland and her unborn children as well as barter a deal with the Southland to help save Dagmar's father's fortress. The story has a lot of humor and a lot of heartache through the pages. The supporting characters are fun and spirited. I loved the way the author interjected humor with Gwenvael reminding everyone who will listen of his handsomeness and perfect body attributes.

While there could be no two different characters than Gwenvael and Dagmar the two make a fabulous pair. Both are misunderstood by their families for very different reasons and yet they easily understand each other and their positions in life.

While I didn't find this book to be as hillarious as some of the novels that the author has written under the Shelly Laurenston name, I did see many similarities in style and context. Fans of the Shelly Laurenston books will find this series compatible and entertaining.

Only for those I love would I traipse into the merciless Northlands to risk life, limb, and my exquisite beauty. But do they appreciate it? Do they say, "Gwenvael the Handsome, you are the best among us-the most loved of all dragons?" No! For centuries my family has refused to acknowledge my magnificence as well as my innate humility. Yet for them, and because I am so chivalrous, I will brave the worst this land has to offer.

So here I stand, waiting to broker an alliance with the one the Northlanders call The Beast. A being so fearful, the greatest warriors will only whisper its name. Yet I, Gwenvael, will courageously face down this terrifying…woman? It turns out the Beast, a.k.a. Dagmar Reinholdt, is a woman-one with steel-gray eyes and a shocking disregard for my good looks. Beneath her plain robes and prim spectacles lies a sensual creature waiting to be unleashed. Who better than a dragon to thaw out that icy demeanor?

And who better than a beast to finally tame a mighty dragon's heart?

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