Friday, November 20, 2009

Romance Book Review: Changed

Author: Rose Marie Wolf
Digital ISBN: 978-1-60435-451-5
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Red Rose Publishing


Written in the first person, Changed is the story of Cheyenne Buckler and the changes in her life after her family is killed and she is left alone to deal with life by herself on the family horse farm. Cheyenne finds living without her family hard to deal with and turns to drinking. One night after binge drinking she goes out to tend to the horses and is bitten by a wolf. Only this wolf isn't the normal kind of wolf. This is a werewolf and once again Cheyenne's life changes forever.

Skye is on the run from werewolf hunters. When he accidently bites Cheyenne, he knows he can't leave her alone while she faces changing into a werewolf, but he also knows that he will put her in danger if her stays with her.

I found Changed an interesting and compelling romance novel. I was impressed with the depth of emotion the author shows while telling a first person view of dealing with alcoholism and what it is like to feel out of control and angry. This is book is no light read, but emotionally charged with a great deal of sadness. While I enjoyed the paranormal angle to this story, I also found that it could have just as easily been a contemporary romance novel.

For twenty years of her life, Cheyenne Buckler lived a fairly normal existence with her parents and brother...until an accident claimed their lives. On her own, Cheyenne struggles to cope with the grief and keep the family horse farm going strong. When something begins spooking her horses, Cheyenne heads out to take charge, only to find the predator is something more than animal, something more than human...but just what Cheyenne needs.

Having been born a werewolf, Skye has never had to deal with the change, but his guilt-ridden conscience forces him to intervene in Cheyenne's life and save her from herself and from the burden he has unwillingly placed upon her. As he helps Cheyenne to deal with her newfound werewolf life, an enemy from his past returns to enact a deadly revenge, threatening to tear apart all that they have become.


  1. Sounds like a great read, RoseMarie! And I really love the uniqueness you've managed with the plot.

    Kari Thomas, Paranormal Romance Author


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