Sunday, December 27, 2009

Romance Book Review: Bad Angels: Burn

Author: Belinda McBride
Series Connection: Bad Angels
ISBN: 978-1-60521-259-3
Genre: Dark Fantasy/ Ménage/ Bisexual and More


Continuing where Bad Angels: Fallen left off, Rex and Rion have settled in a small town where they can lead a more normal life. Everything is going smooth until Rex is in a car accident, then attacked and left for dead.

Sensing he is in trouble, the succubus that has always visited Rex while he sleeps come to aid and finds a way to contact Rion to come and help Rex.

When Rion brings Rex to a nearby reservation health clinic for help they meet Noemi. Both Rex and Rion are instantly attracted to Noemi. She is also attracted to both of them and agrees to help get Rex back to the nearest portal where he can be healed by his own kind.

This dark fantasy will keep readers intrigued right to the end, and unfortunately the end keeps going until the next in the series set to be released in 2010. All three of the main characters are compelling in there own right with much more of a story to tell then the author has given them in this short novella.

Following an auto accident, Rex Clark lays near death in the rocky wilderness of the Trinity Alps. Just when it appears that things can't get worse, she shows up. Anahita... the succubus. She's been his frequent companion, and the bane of his lover Rion's existence, for well over a century. But it seems that this time she's come to help.
From the frozen villages of the Inuit to the cities of America, Dr. Noemi Gastineau has seen it all. When a fallen angel shows up at the reservation clinic with an injured Sidhe, Noemi takes everything in stride. Yet within hours, she's swept into an enchanted world she never imagined existed. So why are the men so temptingly familiar? And why is she suddenly so afraid?

A fallen angel, a Sidhe, a human and a succubus. Never mind the demons, these four are about to catch fire! The question is... who will survive the burn?

New book "Bad Angels: Heaven" will be out in March of 2010.

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