Sunday, December 20, 2009

Romance Book Review: Cam's Holiday

BoldAuthor: Ciana Stone
Series Connection: Book seven of the Cougar Challenge series.
ISBN: 9781419926549
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance/ BDSM
Publisher: Ellora's Cave


Cougar Challenge is a Ellora's Cave series written by various authors all set around the same them. Older women falling in love with younger men. The story line centers around a Blog set by women who are looking for the men to spend the rest of their life with. The blog provides support and advice to the heroine in each of the corresponding book.

In Cam's Holiday, Cam has decided to date again after divorcing her cheating husband. Deciding to join a health club, she is surprised to see the younger woman her husband left her for coming toward her. Without even thinking she grabs her new personal trainer for a passionate kiss.

Lee, the personal trainer, doesn't mind one bit. There is something about his new client that has him interested. Spending a little time with Cam isn't going to be a hardship at all for the younger man.

Nice story with lots of hot bedroom scenes. Wish there was a little more holiday tone to the book, but otherwise pretty good. Light BDSM/Dom scenes in the story.

Fantasies about being with a younger man? Before her husband left her for a younger model, they wouldn’t have crossed Cam’s mind, but now she has plenty. After meeting a group of ladies at RomantiCon, Cam and the women form a blog celebrating younger men—Tempt the Cougar. Then they challenge each other to find a younger man to make their fantasies come true. It’s not a husband hunt. It isn’t about love. It’s about a night of hot, steamy sex.

When Lee Holiday enters Cam’s life, he seems like the right man for the job. A personal trainer, he makes it clear he’d love to ring Cam’s bell. And ring it he does. Repeatedly. Cam’s found sexual nirvana. Only Lee’s not going to be happy with a short-term, sex-only relationship. He wants the whole nine yards and is out to prove to Cam that he’s more than just a holiday from her normal life. He’s the man of her dreams.

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