Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Romance Book Review: Cattle Valley: Vol 7

Author: Carol Lynne
Series Connection: Cattle Valley
2 books in 1: Bent— Not Broken and Arm Candy
ISBN: 978-1-907280-75-7
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ M-M / M-M-F/ Erotic Romance
Publisher: Total-E-Bound


This is the continuation to the Cattle Valley series. Bent—Not Broken features the mayor's secretary Carol and the fire chief George.

After the tragedy that stuck Cattle Valley during Rodeo Days, Carol is injured and George can no longer keep his feelings for her at bay. He loves her, but he has spent the past 19 years in a secret relationship with musician Trick. Wanting more in this life than just a relationship on the sly, George breaks off his romance with Trick and pursues Carol.

Carol is in love with George, but she is one of the few people who knows about his relationship with Trick. She's already been in a relationship with two men and come out the loser, she doesn't want that to happen again. Should she take a chance that George means it when he says his relationship with Trick is over or should she just take a chance and maybe hope that his relationship with Trick continues and she'd be invited to become a part of it?

To be honest this wasn't one of my favorites in the series. I liked Carol's brazen personality in the other books and I missed it in this version. Plus I found myself rooting for George not getting back with Trick. It didn't seem like Trick treated George very well in their 19 year relationship. I think George gave Trick enough of his time. was Carol Lynne and I just loved all her books. She's entitled to have one or two I disagree with.

In Arm Candy the story feature Mario and Asa. I really liked this series. The story line surrounding the two men worked out well. I liked the fact that there wasn't much derision between the two, even after the initial disagreement.

Mario works at The Gym with Rio and Nate. He has been in love with Asa, the town's billionaire, since he first met the man, but Asa hasn't seemed to want their relationship to go in a romantic direction--at least that is what Mario thinks.

Asa was hurt in the Cattle Valley Rodeo disaster and came to realize what he always knew--all of his friends only want him when he is throwing his money around. Now that he is hurt no one is around. He calls to Mario for help, but Mario is upset at him because he pushed him away when he tried to see him at the hospital. When he finally gets through to the other man they learn they had a misunderstanding the two men get to know each other better, while Mario helps Asa recovery from his injuries.

While we get a chance to visit with the friends at Cattle Valley over the holidays we can to learn a little more about Erico, the restaurant owner, and Jay, Cattle Valley's new comer.

Bent— Not Broken
After the tragedy at Cattle Valley Days, Carol McGowan woke in the hospital to find George Manning hovering over her. George confessed he’d fallen in love with her, but Carol is skeptical. She knows George is bi-sexual and has been in an ongoing secret affair for years. She’s been down that road before and ended up on the wrong side of lonely. Carol learned from her previous relationship and isn’t in any hurry to jump back into another ménage.

George Manning has spent the last nineteen years hiding his love for his closeted friend and country music legend, Trick Allen. After almost losing Carol, George decides to grab hold of the love in front of him, instead of the dream he’s always chased.

Trick Allen spent years building his career. With the reputation of being a typical love ’em and leave ’em superstar, Trick hid his love for George from the rest of the world. When presented with the choice of losing George forever, or stepping out of the glittered closet he’d become accustomed to, he is faced with the ultimate decision. Is a real life worth risking his career?

Three people, with very strong personalities, try to blend love and home amidst a national outcry of vehemence.

Arm Candy
Asa Montgomery is a hard man to figure out. He's got millions of dollars in the bank, a host of men vying for his bed and he's still miserable.

When a tragedy leaves him broken and battered, Asa quickly finds out who his real friends are. Left alone with only his household staff to nurse him back to health, Asa realises he wants more than just a pretty man to adorn his bedroom.

Mario Benta was fooled by a rich man in the past. They may say you're the only one for them, but what they really mean is, you're the only one until something younger and sexier comes along.

Despite Mario's growing attraction to Asa, he'll be damned if he'll allow himself to be another man's arm candy.

When Asa sets out to change Mario's mind, he'll discover it takes more than money to gain the heart of the ex-Army Ranger. (By the way I think this is wrong. I though Mario went into the Marines not the army--but maybe I missed something.)

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