Friday, December 18, 2009

Romance Book Review: The Christmas Dragon

Author: Viola Grace
ISBN: 978-1-55487-439-2
Genre: Holiday/ Erotic Romance/ Shapeshifter
Publisher: eXtasy Books


Looking for some fun erotic holiday romance? Viola Grace offers a couple of Christmas classics with her own twists. With Viola's own version of Santa away, Dragon Syrus is forced to make the rounds this year. While practicing for the hard night to come, Syrus misses his mark and falls into the woods near Maggie's mountain cabin.

Is Maggie going crazy as she spends her first Christmas alone since the death of her sister? If she is than why not let it be with a charming dragon who turns into a sexy man?

Sweet erotic romance short story. Wish there was just a little more to it, but it was a fun holiday tale.

With Sahn-Tah Keelas on his honeymoon, the Christmas Dragon is going to have to deliver all the toys. Too bad he doesn't have the Oldest Elf's stamina, he collapses on Maggie's front lawn and has some severe explaining to do.

Will she believe that the flying lizard means no harm even after he shows her his naked and helpless and hunky human form? Time for strategic application of the Santa hat.

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