Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Romance Book Review: A Christmas Scandal

Author: Jane Goodger
ISBN: 978-1420103793
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Zebra


It seems that Maggie is finding herself telling one lie after another to cover up her family's misfortune and to save face with the only man she has ever loved. When her father is arrested for embezzlement Maggie does something that ruins her chance at a good marriage. Her mother is set to do anything in her power to help her daughter land a good man even if it means scheming and telling a few lies of her own.

Edward fell in love with Maggie when he was in America with an old friend, but left for England before he could act on it. Now she is in England and he is trying everything in his power to not let her know his feelings. Will Maggie's lies ruin her chance at a happy ever after with Edward?

Even if you don't catch this book at Christmas time, you will likely enjoy the read. There really isn't much to a Christmas theme, just that it takes place during the holidays. For the most part it was an enjoyable read, but there did seem to be a tad too many lies told. Maggie's mother was absolutely frightening, I'm not sure I would want her for a mother-in-law.

In her latest romance, Jane Goodger weaves an unforgettable tale of a woman who thinks she's lost everything--until a little Christmas magic reunites her with the one man she could never forget. . .

Dashing, debonair, and completely irresistible, Edward Hollings has all of Newport buzzing--and to Maggie Pierce's surprise, she alone has caught his eye. But when the handsome earl returns to England without proposing, a devastated Maggie knows she must forget him. Life only gets worse for Maggie, as all her dreams of happiness and love come crashing down around her. When Maggie receives an invitation to go to England for the Christmas birth of her dear friend's baby, she accepts--vowing to keep her devastating lies and shameful secrets from the one man she has ever loved.

Edward vowed he'd never marry, but he came dangerously close with Maggie. She's beautiful, witty, indescribably desirable--and Edward can't forget her. When Maggie visits mutual friends for Christmas, Edward can't stay away. In fact, he finds himself more attracted to her than ever--a desire fueled even more by Maggie's repeated snubs. With the love he never thought he'd find slipping away, Edward is determined to make Maggie his own, no matter what the cost. . .

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