Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Romance Book Review: Love is Scary

Author: Cheryl Dragon
ISBN: n/a
Genre: Contemporary/ M-M
Publisher: Pink Petal Books


When Ryan hires Wes to help him build his new business venture he has no idea how good looking the other man is or if he is even gay. After meeting face to face for the first time he falls for him instantly, but Ryan isn't exactly out of the closet and he doesn't usually get involved with relationship with people he works with.

Wes is relationship weary. He's decided he doesn't want to do them anymore and that Ryan would be a great guy to have a fling with while he's working with him, or maybe not. Unable to control his feelings for Ryan, Wes takes a chance to convince the other man to just have a good time without a relationship. Ryan agrees, but can both men keep it with no strings attached?

Love is Scary is a short novella with plenty of hot bedroom scenes to keep the reader well entertained.

Ryan's brain child of an adults only haunted house with club attached is a big risk...he needs Wes' genius to make it real. But when the men meet, it goes way beyond business.

Off relationships, Wes can't handle another high maintenance man half in the closet. Ryan has so much in his work life that sex only sounds good to him. When passion overflows into their common goals, love has a way of sneaking through.

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