Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Romance Book Review: The Elves and I

Author: Catrina Calloway
Series Connection: A Red Garters, Snow and Mistletoe tale...
ISBN: 978-1-60735-063-7
Genre: Erotic Holiday Romance/ Ménage/Multiple Partners
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC


This is certainly not the North Pole fairy tale you heard when you were a kid. This story comes complete with a naughty girl given a chance to become good, three elves looking for a mate and a very frisky Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Marni is sent to Christmas Town as part of her punishment when she is arrested for speeding. She can't quite believe it is happening, but when she goes for a ride with flying reindeer and meets elves with pointy ears she knows something isn't quite right.

Then there are the three sexy regular human sized elves she meets. Before she knows it, the woman with the cold heart is turning warm and she is starting to see the good in life, but can it last past Christmas.

The idea behind the story isn't too bad, but I was waiting for some really funny parts and they just didn't come. I would say it is a cute, sexy and very erotic story.

Marni Sands is spoiled, pampered and has never done a day's work in her life. Arrested for speeding through a small town traffic circle, Marni's defiant attitude makes the judge think long and hard about her punishment. He assigns her 'community service' in Christmas Town, where she's to (horror of all horrors!) work with the elves that live there and help them create toys for some very needy children.

Meet Kip, Noel, and Eldan, the three hot, hunky elves assigned to keep Marni in line. She needs a firm hand - on a very luscious part of her beautiful anatomy. It is hard to discipline such a gorgeous human, particularly when she divulges a painful secret - the mystery that has kept her miserable for most of her life.

If tough-love won't work, the elves have only one solution: to turn Marni into a caring elf, capable of holiday cheer, they must make love to her as often as possible. Only then will they be able to convince her that good can triumph over evil, and love really does conquer all.

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