Friday, January 15, 2010

Romance Book Review: Ellora's Cavemen: Flavors of Ecstasy IV

BoldAuthors: Aubrey Ross, Brigit Zahara, Isabelle Drake, L.A. Day, Madison Hayes, Regina Carlysle
Genre: Erotic Romance/ BDSM/ Sci-Fi/ Contemporary/ Historical
Publisher: Ellora's Cave


This is one of those cases where you have to take the bad with the good. Several of the stories included in Ellora's new Caveman Flavors of Ecstasy are very well written erotic stories. A couple are just okay and not really my cup of tea. Those who are interested in their theme might find them more to their liking.

The one nice thing about anthologies is that these style of books give readers a chance to get their feet wet in different writing themes and styles to see if they want to check out the genre in the future.

It also gives readers a chance to read a variety of authors for one price and a chance to see if they like the style. Ellora's carries a variety of books from these authors to choose from.

Companion Operation
L.A. Day
Jewel betrayed Reece, the only man she ever loved, when she confessed to a murder she didn’t commit. Sentenced to life on a desolate prison colony, she faces the horror of becoming some warlord’s sex slave. Miraculously, she’s offered an alternative. Sign on as sexual companion for a long-term space mission. She’ll still be a sex slave, but only until the mission ends. Jewel agrees and is introduced to the man who will use her body for the next five years—Reece.

And contempt has replaced the love in his eyes.

Gothic Master by Request
Isabelle Drake
Bound and naked in a training Master’s bed, Lorelai struggles to forget her sexually disappointing and emotionally painful past. When her alluring attempts to convince the cloaked man to untie her fail, she challenges him to teach her something new.

Will the Master and his red velvet bag of training tools help her accept her passionate appetites?

Hotter Than Hell
Regina Carlysle
Ellie Grant hasn’t had the best luck with men, unless you count her friendship with Sam Dare—a friendship on the cusp of change as the sexy fireman challenges her to a weekend of no-holds-barred, hotter-than-hell sex.

Sam had spent plenty of restless nights aching for Ellie and he’s grown tired of waiting for her to notice the attraction. As a firefighter, he knows a little something about heat and, as far as he’s concerned, Ellie is the only woman who can make him burn.

Nadia Seduced
Madison Hayes
Tall, dark, sinfully handsome Mikhail is fascinated by stories of the lovely whore who never climaxes. Unable to get her out of his mind, he vows to be the man who makes her scream with pleasure.

Eighteenth-century women belong to their husbands, but Nadia is determined to remain independent. Mikhail must convince the headstrong beauty to face her greatest fear—allowing him to possess her heart as thoroughly as he’s claimed her body.

Silent Abandon

Aubrey Ross
No past, no future, no questions. Tonight there are no words.

Devastated by betrayal, Starla is unwilling to risk heartbreak again. She hides behind a fictitious persona and arranges a purely sexual rendezvous with a coworker she’s been attracted to for years. But Cole knows her true identify and the reason for her fear. He’s determined to fulfill her every fantasy…then help her mend her broken heart.

Stick Up
Brigit Zahara
The wonky thermostat at the historic bank building where Monica works is on the fritz again. Just when she thinks things can’t get any hotter, a pistol-packing stud slides her a note. He’s demands money while his sexy smirk demands her body’s response.

Realizing that he is none other than her old boyfriend from college, there with his appearing-out-of-nowhere sidekick, the couple’s former best friend, Monica gets pretty hot under the collar. But when the daring duo take her hostage and retreat to a rustic hideout, the situation really heats up.

Reader Advisory: This book includes an attempted rape scene by a villain.

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