Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Romance Book Review: Make Mine Midnight

Author: Annmarie McKenna
ISBN: 978-1-60504-853-6
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ menage
Publisher: Samhain Publishing


"New Year’s Resolutions:
1) Dye hair…platinum! Don’t they say blondes have more fun?
2) Exercise more. Or at least exercise at all…
3) Get an agent. Nah, my editor’s too good. Who needs an agent?
4) Ooh, ooh, buy new clothes! Something that shows off my…what? Lack of boobs?"
--Claire's New Year's Resolution List

After 10 years wallflower Claire meets two of the nerdy shy guys from her high school days. Except now they look nothing like what they looked like back then. They look like the heros in the erotic romances she writes. Not only that but they have a confession to make. They always wanted her.

On New Years Eve they come together to start the new year as a threesome, but can they stand the pressure of what other people will think of their new relationship.

Make Mine Midnight pretty much follows the theme of most menage books. Nice characters with an original story line.

New Year’s resolutions have never looked so good.

New Year’s Eve. The party is rockin’, and Claire is in her usual spot holding up the wall. It’s all right. She’s much happier scribbling in her trusty little notebook than mingling. Especially since those notes turn into the sexy erotic romances she pens in secret. Those two gorgeous gods across the room are perfect hero material and…oh dear, are they headed her way?

Mason and Hunter know she won’t remember them as the scrawny geeks they were in high school. She also doesn’t know they’ve been lusting after her for ten long years, waiting for her to meet a man and have a normal relationship. They’re through waiting. The time has come to make their move—and show her exactly how much they’ve changed.

One night in the middle of a Mason/Hunter manwich, and Claire has enough research material to fill a hundred notebooks. Good thing she’s got OfficeMax on speed dial to order more. Except suddenly her two hunks have this crazy idea that keeping her is selfish. Selfish? She may be mousy, but this mouse is about to roar…

Warning: Threesomes! Light bondage, blindfolds, breakfast made by two hot men who used to be geeks. Parades, cotton candy, more sex, and convincing said men they are WRONG and threesomes are RIGHT.

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