Thursday, January 7, 2010

Romance Byte: Sleep No More

Author: Susan Crandall
ISBN: 978-0446556842

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: English

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Danger Never Rests
The night was always Abby Whitman’s enemy. A sleepwalker as a young girl, she started a fire that scarred her sister for life and left Abby with unbearable guilt. Although she hasn’t had any sleepwalking incidents for several years, fear of her disorder’s reappearance keeps Abby living a life of near isolation. And then one night she awakens behind the wheel at a fatal accident.

And Evil Never Closes Its Eyes
Even though the evidence seems to exonerate her, Abby is plagued by doubts—and soon by mysterious threats. A young psychiatrist, Dr. Jason Coble, is intrigued by Abby and offers to help her explore the dark recesses in her mind. Through this terrifying journey, Jason’s interest turns to passion, and he yearns to help her find the love she’s denied herself. But first, Abby must trust him—and shed light on secrets that will rock this Southern town and reveal a danger that threatens them both.

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