Monday, January 11, 2010

Romance Book Review: The Warrior

Author: Darcy Campbell
Series Connection:
Arientan Guardians
ISBN: 978-1-61650-116-7
Genre: Science-Fiction
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Release Date: January 18, 2010


As a baby Cado is moved from his home planet of Suha for his protection. He has been selected to be the aquamarine Arientan Guardian. He is sent to the planet of Mer where he is given the life as a merman. As he grows into manhood, he begins to have dreams about another world. In his dreams he is haunted by a beautiful woman who becomes the object of his desires. Going to an old mer-witch he is told that he should follow his dreams.

Sci-fi fans will enjoy getting involved in this series by Darcy Campbell. This book can be read separate from the series, but once you read this book you will want to continue on with the series.

Join the Arientan Guardians as they seek to protect and repopulate the Arienta Clan on Suha. They have to battle the Cerace clan, their sworn enemies and still be able to continue to fulfill their destiny.

Eight books are planned for the series, starting with The Beginning released in January of 2009.

How far will a lonely merman walk for true love?

Merman Cado has discovered just how much fun he can have with human women. In fact, they’re lining up to service him because this is something he’s very, very good at.

All is well until he begins dreaming of a woman he’s never met and his search for true love and his destiny as the Guardian of the Aquamarine stone send him on a quest far from familiar waters to another world.

Pursued by relentless enemies, can Cado save his lover, master his powers, and return to his home?

Warning: Explicit Sexual Content

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