Friday, February 12, 2010

Romance Book Review: Breaking Daylight

Author: M.J. Fredrick
IBSN: 978-1-60504-869-7
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Samhain Publishing


Action and suspense from beginning until the end in this well plotted, page turner featuring a Special Forces officer sent to bring down a drug lord. When he arrives on the scene, he finds not the drug lord, but a woman that he believes is a partner in the drug suppliers crimes.

Special Forces Sergeant Alex Shepard doesn't know everything about the woman that drug lord Santiago Saldana is holding against her will. Bella Canales is being held prisoner whether Alex believes her or not. She hasn't always made the right decisions in her life, but right about now she will do anything Alex asks to get herself back home.

As Alex and Bella spend time together, Alex begins to realize that Bella is more than she seemed at first. The attract between the two sizzles through the pages. M.J. Fredrick does a great job of pulling together the story keeping the sensual tension between Alex and Bella alive through the pages.

Alex is a great alpha character. As with many alpha male characters like him, trust is not easy for him and he doesn't trust how he met Bella from the start it is up to Bella to change all of that which she does easily by her actions through the story. Bella is tough, strong character working with the cards she's been dealt.

Sergeant Alex Shepard is all about getting the job done. That single-minded purpose helps him forget the fact he hates the jungle as he leads his Special Forces team in search of Honduran drug lord Santiago Saldana. His quarry eludes him, but the woman left behind in the compound is the next best thing. Saldana’s mistress—an American woman who clearly puts her own pleasure over right and wrong.

Isabella Canales has been Saldana’s prisoner for four long years. Worse, he’s taken away her most precious possession. Except Alex doesn’t believe a word of it. The clock is ticking, and she’s frantic to do anything to convince him to take her home. Even agree to serve as bait to draw Saldana out.

As they push through the tangled jungle dodging bullets and ambushes, Alex fights his growing respect for Isabella’s determination—and an attraction that’s impossible to resist, whatever she’s done. But Saldana never lets go of what’s his. And betrayal is his deadliest weapon. . .

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  1. I love, love, love M.J. Fredrick! I just started this and having read your review I am excited!!

    Great job!



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