Monday, February 22, 2010

Romance Book Review: Bucked

Author: Cat Johnson
Series Connection: Studs and Spurs
ISBN: 978-1-60504-900-7
Genre: Western Romance/ Erotic Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Sage has had a crush on Mustang since she was a young girl when he was her sister's boyfriend. After high school Mustang went to follow his dreams and became a bull rider. When Mustang comes home injured, she knows this will be her only chance to live her own dream—to finally have Mustang.

After years on the road riding bulls, Mustang is hurt and forced to go home and have surgery and deal with his father who never understood Mustang's need to ride bulls. While at home he runs into the girl next door. Sage is nothing like the "little bit" he remembers. Now she is all grown up and a beautiful sexy woman. Even so, Mustang has promised himself he wasn't going to touch her. She isn't the one of the one-night-stands he's used to having in his bed. Now if he can just keep his promise to himself and get enough money together so he can get back on the circuit and back to his life.

I was really excited when I saw that this book had a bull rider in it because I love sexy cowboy stories and this book appeared to have all the right elements of sexy in it. The one fatal flaw I found was that I really didn't like the actions the hero took to raise money in the story at all. I've read several of Cat Johnson's books and know that usually she does a great job. This one just isn't up to her usual par.

This cowboy is looking for more than just an eight-second ride.

Mustang Jackson does two things well—ride bulls and love women. So the injury that takes him out of the arena leaves him only one way to make a living. Unfortunately, getting paid to be a stud in front of the camera isn’t as fun as private conquests. When he catches sight of little Sage Beckett, minus the glasses, braces and pigtails he remembers, doing time in his hometown suddenly gets a lot more interesting.

Sage had a crush on Michael long before he started using that ridiculous nickname “Mustang”. Though from what she’s overheard about his string of buckle bunnies, the man more than lives up to it. In the past he always looked right through her. Now that he’s home again, she’s determined to capture and tame this wild stallion, no matter what it takes.

She intends to satisfy her curiosity and move on, but with every touch she’s less sure she’ll ever purge him from her system. Once corralled in her arms, Mustang finds himself thinking that domestication may not be so bad after all.

Except, once she finds out about his side job, she may not stick for the next go-round.

Warning: Contains one well-hung cowboy riding much more than just bulls, some ménage action in front of and behind the camera, some whips and chains and some red-hot cowboy loving.

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