Saturday, February 20, 2010

Romance Book Review: Kissing Cowboy

Author: J C Wilder
Series Connection: S.W.A.T.
ISBN: 978-1-60504-907-6
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.


In a continuation of J C Wilder's 2005 S.W.A.T. series, Kissing Cowboy is the third book featuring Jeff "Cowboy" Diver and Payton "Pip" Whitter.

As children Cowboy and Pip were best friends. That was until the night that Pip showed Cowboy exactly how she felt about him and he rejected her for her beauty queen sister.

Not wanting to stand by and watch her sister with the man she loved and
humiliated her, Pip left town for nine years. Wanting to be around her friends again Pip returns. She knew she would see Cowboy again. She hoped she could finally end the obsession she had for him for years, but that may not be possible.

When Cowboy first sees Pip he can't take his eyes off of her. He knew he hurt her years before, but doesn't think there is anything he can do about that now. He knows she has every right to hate him. That one explosive kiss they shared so many years ago is long over, but he can't seem to forget it or the beautiful woman, Pip has become. The problem is he can't possibly be the man she needs.

This book features not only a great love story with two characters who are scared to take the next step, but a bunch of great friends together in a series of scenes that is sure to put a smile on readers faces. Kissing Cowboy brings back characters Miranda, John and a few others from the first of the S.W.A.T. books, Tactical Pleasures. It isn't necessary to read the S.W.A.T. series to read this book, but the first two are worth a read and available at Ellora's Cave Publishing. I hope we'll be seeing the continuation in this series a lot sooner than last time.

Their first kiss melted her resistance, their second one melted his heart.

She’s a woman with a plan…

From childhood, Payton ‘Pip’ Whittier has loved Jeff ‘Cowboy’ Diver. Even after he publicly humiliated her and forced her to leave town, he’s the one man she can’t erase from her heart.

Nine years have passed and Pip has returned to the scene of the crime, her hometown of Haven, Ohio. This time, she’s determined to rid her system of Cowboy, once and for all. He’s a man determined to thwart her every move…

When Cowboy sees Pip at the local bar, he’s floored by the changes in his one-time best friend. The shy, sweet girl has been replaced with a sexy-as-hell woman in red stilettos. Years ago they’d shared a tender moment, one that changed irrevocably their lives.

This is his one chance to convince her to give him one more—even if it means his heart could be crushed under her lethal high heels.

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