Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Romance Book Review: Recipe for Love

Author: Carol Lynne
Series Connection: Cattle Valley Series Book 15
ISBN: 978-0-85715-033-2
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ M-M
Publisher: Total-E-Bound


In Recipe For Love, Carol Lynne brings two long time characters together—Jay and Erico. Jay came to Cattle Valley, Lynne's fictional gay only community, after ending an abusive relationship. The town immediately takes the young man into their fold and does everything to show him support.

Erico is the owner of The Canoe. A premier restaurant in Cattle Valley. Everyone knows Erico as the town playboy and warns Erico not to mess with Jay. Jay on the other hand has his eyes set on Erico and while no one is looking seduces the man. It doesn't take much since Erico is completely in love with Jay.

What everyone doesn't know about Erico is that he is ill and needs surgery he has been putting off, but once he is back on his feet he isn't going to let Jay slip from his fingers.

Despite only giving this book four hearts, it really isn't a bad story just not what I expected Carol Lynne to write when it came to Jay's turn. He seemed like such a shy quiet man with a lot of potential for a completely different story. One that involved the old abusive lover coming after him and actually giving Ryan something to do. That's okay though, it is definitely a keeper and one that can't be missed for all of those who are following along with the Cattle Valley series. I wonder who will be next?

After years of living in fear, Jay De Luca has finally found a safe haven in Cattle Valley. Although he's beginning to open up around his friends, he's far from ready to get involved in another relationship. When handsome, Erico Morrelli tries to hire him away from a job he loves, Jay declines the restaurateur's offer, afraid of spending time with the town's playboy.

Ashamed to tell his friends he's sick, Erico tries to run The Canoe on his own despite protests from his physician. When he collapses at work, Erico begins to re-evaluate his future. His attraction to the one man he knows he should stay away from haunts him.

Can Erico invent a Recipe for Love or will he face his toughest challenge alone?

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