Saturday, February 27, 2010

Romance Book Review: Ryland's Sacrifice

Author: Kim Dare
ISBN: 978-1-60735-117-7
Genre: Shifter/ Erotic Romance/ M-M
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing


In Kim Dare's new book Ryland's Sacrifice, Ryland is a Math graduate student in an society where young men are sent as play things to the local lion den on Saturday nights. Seeing no other choice when his scholarship runs out then to offer himself to the lions for one night. In return he will receive enough money to pay his tuition.

When Ryland arrives at the lions' den he is surprised to find that the leader of the lions is none other than one of the professors he's had a crush on for years. Spending just one night with the man makes Ryland wish he had met with the man under different circumstances. Can he have a chance with the lion if he makes things right?

I liked the general concept of Ryland's Sacrifice. In the story the lion shifters seemed to be feared, as well as revered. I liked Arslan, the head of the lions, character. He was strong arrogant and possessive. Ryland on the other hand I wasn't too crazy about. As a math student I would have thought he would be smarter. Not necessarily less of a submissive to Arslan's strong character, but at least able to talk to Arslan as a contemporary and not a child who didn't know how to speak half the time. Could be I was just missing the point.

Principles don't pay tuition fees. When Ryland's math scholarship disappears overnight, he has two choices. He can borrow money from fellow student Jason Burrows, who has very interesting ways of collecting debts. Or, he can volunteer to be thrown to the werelions.

One night spent playing the part of a willing human sacrifice will give him enough money to finish his PhD. It seems like a good deal-right up until the moment he finds himself naked, blindfolded, bound and surrounded by lions.

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