Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Romance Book Review: Werewolf on Somana Two

Author: Brenda Steele
ISBN: 978-1-935348-92-4
Genre: Erotic Romance/ Werewolf/ Sci-Fi
Publisher: Amira Press



I think writing a book that takes place on a different planet must be a lot of fun. The author can go totally wild with their imagination and create a whole knew world with any kind of strange goings on that they want. On that new world having people change into werewolves wouldn't be all that strange, because hey, this isn't Earth, the slate is clean.

That is what Brenda Steel does in her new book Werewolf on Somana Two. Alpha werewolf Gabriel comes to Sonmana Two, okay from Earth, to find his brother. Since there is always a full moon or two on Sonmana Two he knows that his brother is going to go a little crazy if he stays too long. Lucky for Gabriel as an alpha he can control himself a bit more, but just barely.

In looking for his brother he finds Kelly, the woman his brother was sent to find. Kelly is a witch with special powers that she isn't suppose to use on the planet. She does so in secret and helps those who need medical attention that they don't want the planet's government to know about. While Gabriel is a lone wolf and always has been, he can't help but be attracted to Kelly. Is it the planets moons affecting him or can Kelly be his mystical mate?

I liked the storyline and the descriptions of the Sonmana Two. I'm hoping that Brenda will do more with the story, but I couldn't tell if she was going to on her website. She has definitely paved the way for a second or more story.

Kelly runs a quaint herbal-magic shop on Somana Two, a space station on the moon. She casts spells to keep herself under the radar of the agents who create more restrictive laws every day, and enjoys just serving her customers. But then her ordered existence is turned upside down when a strange man binds her magic and has her arrested, and then a wolf slaughters all the agents before he turns his dark eyes on her. Kelly runs from one werewolf who wants to kill her into the arms of another who wants her in his bed. The beast inside Gabriel won’t take no for an answer, and from his first touch on her heated skin, Kelly wouldn’t dream of turning him down. The question is, will Kelly lose her magic, lose her life, or lose her heart?

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