Sunday, March 28, 2010

Romance Book Review: All Lit Up

Author: Cathryn Fox
Series Connection: Pleasure Inn
ISBN 978-1-60504-969-4
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Paranormal/ Magic

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

 Helping to redecorate an Inn, Anna is surprised to see her old high school crush and next door neighbor coming to work at the site. Anna spent her high school years in love with Daniel but after overhearing a conversation he crushed dreams and made her lose all hope in romance and meeting Prince Charming.

Daniel left his small hometown vowing never to come back, but he always knew something was missing. He knew that if he didn't go back home and claim Anna, he would never find happiness. Now he's home and lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to get her attention.

But Anna is trying hard not to get involved again. She isn't quite sure if Daniel is sincere or just looking for a fling. Can Daniel convince her his feelings are real or lose the only woman he has ever loved?

I haven't read any of the previous Pleasure Inn books before, but it wasn't really necessary. While the stories are linked they are pretty individual. Anna and Daniel are perfect for each other. Daniel's sincere nervousness was well played through the story. This is a wonderful love story.

Rebuilding the fire—one kiss at a time.

When interior designer Anna Deveau is hired to create a room made for romance at a Victorian inn, she is thrilled—and a little wistful. A fairy-tale ending will never be hers, but perhaps tapping into abandoned dreams will fan the flames for someone else.

Then she learns the only bricklayer available to build the room's fireplace is Daniel Long. The sexy boy-next-door who filled her teen years with angst, broke her heart—and still colors her nights with red-hot fantasies.

Daniel never understood why Anna stopped talking to him a week before her sweet-sixteen party. Or why the wall between them remains a mile high. But now that he's back in town, he intends to figure it out once and for all. Pushing the limits of her seductive design, he sets out to prove he didn't burn her in the past.

Anna finds herself doing the one thing she swore she'd never do again: laying herself bare. Until the ghost of rumors past threatens to snuff out the fiery fantasy that, this time, Anna thought was real...

Warning: Years of sinful fantasies about the sexy boy-next-door lead to a night of wild indulgence. Be sure to keep a bevy of toys on hand when reading this tale, or better yet, get a boy-next-door of your own.

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