Saturday, March 27, 2010

Romance Book Review: Dangerous Lover

Author: Charlene Teglia
Series Connection: Take Me, Lover
ISBN: 978-1-60504-965-6
Genre: Erotic Romance

In the fourth book of Charlene Teglia's Take Me, Lover series readers meet waitress and soon to be CPA, Cherry. She's just been out on yet another date with Mr. Wrong and is wondering when she will stop getting her self mixed up with the wrong type of man. Making her decision to try to start dating Mr. Right, Cherry mets a nice normal fireman.

But does she really? Joe is everything she is looking for in Mr. Right. A dependable hero. The only problem is when he picks her up for their first date on his Harley and the tattoo on his arm point to the oh so Mr. Wrong. What can she do? Joe is so hot she can't think of letting him go just yet. Taking a chance Cherry hopes that Joe turns out to be the Mr. Right she's been looking for.

It isn't necessary to read the other books in this series to read this one. Each book is an individual story.  As a straight erotic romance, this book has it all. The author does attempt to write in a little more of a story line, but runs out of time before she can tell the story. This is nice novella that would be made even better if it were possible to here more of the back story. 

The heat is on…

Just a few more weeks and accounting student Cherry Harris will officially get her master’s degree and kiss her pink waitress uniform goodbye. 

There’s something else she’d like to make official, too—no more bad boys.Tired of getting burned, she’s determined that from now on, it’s nice guys or nothing. What could be nicer than a firefighter rescuing a kitten from a tree? 

Joe Deluca looks like the perfect way to break her romantic destructive pattern.

Perfect melts like ice cream on a hot day when Cherry finds out that when Joe’s not in uniform, he rides a motorcycle and wears a leather jacket over his tattoos. Is he a nice guy, a bad boy, or the man who’s just right for her?

The five-alarm passion Joe inspires proves an irresistible temptation, but Cherry’s determined to guard her heart if not her body. Until a firebug leads them both into danger and Cherry is forced to admit her heart’s been in jeopardy from the beginning…

Warning: Contains a sexy firefighter and burning-up-the-sheets sex scenes that use ALL the words. May induce Harley-Davidson motorcycle fantasies you should not attempt on a moving vehicle.

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