Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Romance Book Review: Diablo

Author: Georgina Gentry
Series Connection:
The Texans
ISBN-13: 978-1420108507
Genre: Western Historical Romance
Publisher: Zebra
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Georgina Gentry's newest release, Diablo, takes readers to 1892 Wyoming where readers meet Diablo, a Sioux half-breed bent on revenge. Years before Diablo and his friends were tortured by a group of drunk ranchers. Some of his friends were killed, but Diablo lived and bided his time. He learned to kill and became one of the most feared hired killers in the land.

Hearing that some of the ranchers who hurt him are hiring he goes back to the town where it all happened and hires on causing trouble for those men who hurt him. Then he meets the man in charge. The one who he remembered hurt him the most--Kruger. By chance Diablo is present when he see Kruger kill another of the ranchers and realizes that he has the key to what Kruger wants the most. The other rancher's daughter.

Sunny is as bright as her name, but like any other means to an end, Diablo decides to use her to get to Kruger. He couldn't kill her, because that wouldn't upset Kruger enough, but perhaps doing to her what Kruger did to him was the answer. Thinking to rape and torture the girl was what should be done, he sets out to do just that. Things don't go quite as planned though. Sunny isn't what he thought she would be and Diablo's attraction to her is enough to ruin his plans for revenge.

Diablo is the continuation of The Texans' series. In the book, Georgina Gentry brings back members of the other story, but it isn't necessary to read that book before this one. Diablo means "Devil" in Spanish and Diablo's character fits right with the word. He holds all the characteristics of the tortured half-breed of the old west. On the one hand he's the hard man his torturers made him. On the other, he wishes things could be different and wants a wife and family and settle down. With the scares his torturers left him, he thinks that will never happen. Sunny is the standard innocent woman of the west. She's sweet, good natured, beautiful and willing to give the scared hero her love no matter what. She's the perfect heroine for the rough western gunfighter hero.

Kruger is the typical villain in the piece. Evil to the core. Doesn't think anything is too bad. Even pulling out a gun and shooting the father of the girl he wants to marry to get her. Western and historical fans alike will enjoy this book. Georgina Gentry's writing is to par with other other western novelist. The story is full of action and moves easily from one scene to another.

Meet the Texans—rough-hewn heroes as bold and rugged as the Lone Star State itself—in a sweeping new series only Georgina Gentry could bring to heart-pounding, hard-riding life...

They call him “Devil,” and with good reason. The half-breed Santee Sioux bears the twisted scars that made him the fastest, deadliest gunfighter in Texas. Diablo will never forget the kind cattleman who once took him in, but it is his torturer who haunts his every thought. And when some powerful Wyoming ranchers come looking to hire ruthless men for a wicked job, Diablo seizes the opportunity to settle a score...

Her name is Sunny, and she more than lives up to it. She’s a dazzling ray of light—and the bride-to-be of Hurd Kruger, the man who scarred Diablo. What better way to destroy Kruger than to capture, dishonor, and dump his greatest prize? It’s a perfect plan, except for the one thing Diablo never counted on...the only thing that could turn him away from the dark side, the angel who could save his bedeviled soul...

About the Author from her website:
Romantic Times Magazine called Georgina Gentry "one of the finest Western writers of the decade".

Her first Zebra romance, Cheyenne Captive, landed on best-seller lists and won the Rendezvous Magazine Gold award and the Romantic Times award for Best 1987 Indian Romance By A New Author. Since then, she has been given six more Romantic Times awards, has won Rendezvous' Gold and Silver Pen honors, and been voted a Favorite Top Ten Romance Author by Rendezvous readers. Georgina holds both the Career Achievement Award for Indian Romance and the Career Achievement Award For Western Romance from Romantic Times.

Renowned both for her sizzling love scenes and her accurate Western research, Georgina is a frequent speaker at writers' conventions and has conducted research workshops at six national Romance Writers of America conferences. Besides Romance Writers of America, she belongs to Novelists, Inc., the Oklahoma Historical Society, the Western History Association, the Order of the Indian Wars, and Oklahombres, a group that researches old-time outlaws and lawmen.

To all her readers, she sends this Cheyenne greeting: "Hahoo naa ne-mehotatse." (Thank you and I love you.)

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