Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Romance Byte: Dmitry’s Closet

Author: Latrivia Nelson
Genre: Urban Lit/ Interracial Romance
Publisher: Nelson & Nelson Press, LLC

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She’s known to many book clubs and readers as the Mistress of Taboo. Writing about untraditional, steamy interracial romance in the South, Latrivia Nelson has developed a niche of global readers that has exceeded her wildest dreams.

Now she’s exploring a new unconventional storyline between a Russian organized crime boss and a black virgin orphan in her latest book Dmitry’s Closet. The combination promises to be electric, capturing the essence of modern‐day international mafia figures and the passion of ageless romance in a pageturning

“I’m always interested in exploring dynamics of relationships that are often looked over. When I watched David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises, I fell in love with the good versus bad affair in the story line. So, I decided after taking few organized crime classes to write a book that delved into the intimacy of loving someone who is considered perpetually bad,” said Nelson.

To date, Nelson has written the largest modern interracial romance novel in her genre with 616
pages for romance lovers. Ivy’s Twisted Vine (2008) debuted in 2008 as her first published work and highlighted a triangle lover affair between a young black college queen, an aspiring black politician and an Italian SWAT police officer.

Dmitry’s Closet is Nelson’s second novel and is scaled down in size as a 360‐page work of fiction. Based in Memphis, Tennessee and Moscow, Russia, the book follows the unexpected romance between two people thrown away by society who find each other through mutual need. However, besides obvious romance, there is a great deal of action and suspense. So far, in various formats, the book has been on one of Amazon’s multicultural bestsellers lists for 4 weeks in a row.

About the author:
Latrivia S. Nelson is an urban fiction and interracial romance author. Her first novel, Ivy’s Twisted Vine (2008), is the largest interracial novel in its genre. Dmitry’s Closet is her first urban fiction/interracial romance novel. Currently, Nelson is working on her next book and pursing her Ph.D. in criminal justice. She lives in the suburbs of Memphis with her husband (Adam) and two children (Tierra & Jordan).


  1. So was this a good book? I didn't see a heart.

  2. Usually when I post a Romance Byte it means it is on my read list, but I won't get to it for a while and I just wanted to tell people about the book because it looked interesting. There are just so many great sounding books and so little time to read them in.


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