Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Romance Book Review: Hunter's Need

Author: Shiloh Walker
Series Connection: Hunters
ISBN: 978-0425231500
Genre: Ghost/ Mystery/ Suspense/ Paranormal/ Shifter/ Psychic
Publisher: Berkley

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If a ghost story is good enough it can really wig me out. I'm not exactly sure why I can really get into crime dramas, murder mysteries and even read a vampire book without a problem, but ghost stories seem to stay with me for days. Needless to say I don't read them often. A friend recommended Hunter's Need to me and even sent over a copy for me to read. I had read some of the previous books in the series and really liked Shiloh Walker, so I thought I'd give it a peak. I was really glad I did. After reading the first couple of chapters it was hard to put the book down.

If you aren't familiar with the Hunters series, don't worry. You meet some of the previous characters from the books and names are mentioned a few times, but it really isn't necessary to follow the series to read this one. Although, I for one think that once you start, you'll want to check out the others. At the end of this post, I put the address to Shiloh's site where she has a list of all the books in the series, as well as several short stories she wrote to go along with them.

In Hunter's Need, readers get to meet Duke and Ana. Four years before we first meet them in this book Ana and Duke share a traumatic experience at the hands of a rogue vampire. The experience leaves Duke feeling betrayed by Ana. Although through the years he is drawn to her, he can let himself forget that she isn't trustworthy and he tries to stay away from her. He does just that until one day he is restless and is drawn to an office of a friend where Ana just happens to call and ask for help from the academy where he works.

Unable to keep himself away and all but thrown in her direction by his boss, Duke heads to Alaska where he finds Ana haunted by a ghost who wants her help.

Ana is a low level psychic. She never thought she was Hunter material. She would leave that to her younger brother who is truly gifted. Hoping to get away from the memories of Duke and give her brother a chance to live his life without her reputation in the way, Ana moves to Alaska to start a new life. After getting settled and getting on with her life she suddenly realizes that something strange is going on. After an encounter with a older man down on his luck and hearing the mystery that surrounds him, she begins to do some searching for answers. She even calls the academy for help. She isn't a hunter, but she knows who to go to for help. They send Duke of all people.

Before Duke and Ana can truly help the older stranger, he is killed. That's when the mystery truly begins, because beyond all the ghosts and the smell of blood there is a true evil out there that only a Hunter can see. Someone who the mortals have no idea who is. It will take everything Duke and Ana can do to find the killer before he kills again.

There are so many wonderful authors out there and Shiloh Walker is certainly in that mix. She has a fabulous imagination and the skill to get it down on paper for others to enjoy. I thought Duke was a wonderful hero. Although it took him long enough to figure out that Ana wasn't the distrustful person he made her out to be, once he decided she was doing what she had to do to save her younger brother and herself all of those years ago, he was there where she needed him. Ana was a complex character filled with the doubt the experience in her younger years left her with. Even her time at the academy didn't help release her from her doubt as no one there trusted her. The mystery itself was the selling point of the book. Trying to figure out who the serial killer who left 30 years of missing young women in his wake was, was worth the read. For those who like mysteries, but not much into the paranormal, don't let the paranormal aspect of this book stop you from giving it a try. You might decided you like a whole other genre all together.


Duke is bitter. A shapeshifter betrayed by the psychic powers of Analise Morell, he cannot forgive her for putting him in the clutches of a feral vampire, but he also can’t shake his desire for her. And when she needs a Hunter, Duke must face his demons—and hers…


Desperate voices are battering Ana’s psychic shields. A serial killer with extraordinary powers is about to strike again, and the tormented souls of his previous victims are screaming for her help. But Ana can’t understand why they want her…

Their INSATIABLE desire

After what she did to him, Ana is sure Duke must be using her…but if he is, so be it. Ana can’t fight her longing for him, can’t fight the desire that’s haunted her for years. For Duke, every fiber of his soul—both the man and the cougar within—yearns to protect and possess her.…

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