Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Romance Book Review: Moonlight Ménage

Author: Stephanie Julian
Series Connection: Lucani Lovers
ISBN: 9781419927485

Genre: Paranormal/ Pyschic/ Werewolves/ Witches/ Magic/ Ménage
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing



Since they were teens, Duke, Nic and Tira knew that they wanted to be together, but everything changes one day when Tira comes into her powers and sees Nic's future with just a touch. When all she can see is his death everytime she gets her hands on him, she breaks off Tira breaks off her relationship with Nic and Duke and for years they live apart.

Tira knows she's been a coward all these years. She has never been able to be with the two men she loves. When Nic is nearly killed she realizes that she needs to make a change so that she can be with them. If she renounces her power she can have the men she loves, but can she live with that decision?

This is the second story in the Lucani Lover's series. It would probably be a good idea to read the first in the series before this one, because the author creates a whole new world using a lot of names for different beings and creatures in the book. For example instead of using humans, she says Eteri which she describes as an Etruscan for foreigner, used to describe regular humans.

I found the book a little distracting because there were a lot of these words throughout the book. Other than that, the book's general theme was well versed. I loved the heroine and the two heros in the story, even if they do spend a lot of time getting their butts kicked. The bedroom scenes were hot. It will be interesting to see where Stephanie Julian goes with the next story in the series.

Book Two in the Lucani Lovers series.

For eight years, Etruscan witch Tira Belludi has longed to give herself, body and soul, to the two shifter men who hold her heart. But visions of death and fears for her sanity have forced her to keep her distance.

Nic Rocca and Duke Ducati are brothers in every way but blood and partners who have each other’s backs. They share a home, a job and had planned to share their life with Tira between them…until the night she saw their future and built a fortress around her heart.

Now danger and death stalk Nic and Duke. And Tira must make a choice—grab love while she has the chance, or watch Nic die from afar and lose Duke forever. 


  1. Great review, I just bought this tonight!!!! I can't wait to start reading!

  2. Roni, I'm so glad you enjoyed Moonlight Menage. Thanks so much for the great review.


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