Thursday, March 18, 2010

Romance Book Review: The New Breed

Author: Jaden Sinclair
Series Connection: Shifter 6: The New Breed
ISBN: ISSN 1555 - 5488 Vol. 310-12SE
Genre: Paranormal/ Werewolf/ Shifter
Publisher: Midnight Showcase


In her sixth installment to her Shifter series Jaden Sinclair tells the story of Kane and his mate Jada.

Kane and his twin sister Sasha spent their life being brutally tortured. Finally they are rescued by their parents and the other shifter from the previous series.

Now home and starting readjust to their new life, the siblings have kept away from their torturers for three years.

Jada has been on the run for three years. She helped in the rescue of Kane and Sasha, but before she left the lab where the siblings were being held, she took some valuable information that someone would kill for to get back.

Only trying to help and protect Jada , Kane's family brings her back to their home. Jada wasn't happy to have the help. In fact she spends much of the book telling everyone who will listen that she doesn't want to be with Kane and his family. When Kane realizes that Jada is his mate and claims her, Jada is even less happy. She spends much of her time trying to run away from Kane.

While the basic story line was pretty well done, I was not impressed with Jada's character. I realize she had a hard upbringing, and she felt the need to fight, but her fight went on too long as far as I could see.

For readers who like shifter series, this is a decent series in itself. The theme is on the dark side. In order to understand this book, it would be a good idea to see the rest of the series.

Kane is a one of a kind shifter. He’s more animal than man. Tortured all his life, beaten and experimented on. He has very little tolerance for anyone, except for his twin sister.

Jada Leonard is a woman who never followed anyone’s rules but her own, but those rules change when she is caught spying and taking information. To save her life she is forced into hiding and forced to follow rules.

Like a match to gas, these two ignite a fire of passion. Both are strong willed and both refuse to bend. Will Kane give in to his instincts and take what belongs to him? Or will Jada be the one to make the new breed bow down, showing him that he’s more than just an animal inside?

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