Thursday, March 18, 2010

Romance Byte: Darker Than Love

Author: Kristina Lloyd
ISBN-13: 978-0352332790
Genre: Historical
Publisher: Virgin Black Lace

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Set in Victorian England, the depraved and jealous Lord Marldon imprisons his fiancé and her Italian lover in his opulent London mansion. Young and beautiful Clarissa Longleigh is visiting London for the first time. She is eager to meet Lord Marldon, the man to whom she is promised.

Description from the Author's blog:
"Darker Than Love is my first erotic novel and one of Black Lace’s bestselling historicals. It’s set in Victorian London and is deliciously dark, gothic and kinky," Kristina Lloyd said.

Clarissa is set to marry Lord Marldon, the depraved and gleefully cruel earl to whom she’s been promised. When her friends try to scupper the proposed marriage, Clarissa, oblivious to their plan, falls in love with Gabriel, a beautiful Italian artist. Marldon hears of the blossoming relationship and kidnaps Clarissa, imprisoning her in his Piccadilly mansion and subjecting her to his darkest desires. When Gabriel attempts a rescue, he too is taken captive and the young lovers find themselves at the mercy of the debauched lord.

He touched his fingertips to her cheek, turning her gently to meet his gaze. She looked at him steadily. His lips were set in an arrogant half-sneer, and his black inky eyes glittered with callous joy. She saw in that expression how sure he was of his hold over her, of his ability to master her, body and soul.

‘You see, in your innocence you think love the greater force,’ he said softly. ‘And, true enough, it binds many couples. Although there are plenty who do not even have that. But as man and wife, Clarissa, you and I will be bound by something so much darker than love, so much stronger.’

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