Thursday, March 4, 2010

Romance Book Review: Master of Fire

Author: Angela Knight
Series Connection: Mageverse
ISBN-13: 978-0425233351
Genre: Paranormal/ Vampire/ Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Berkley

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Angela Knight's continuation of her Mageverse series tells the story of Logan MacRoy, mortal son of the legendary King Arthur (the vampire) and his lady Queen Guinevere (the magi). In contemporary South Caroline, Logan is a lieutenant in the local sheriff department. When he is given a new partner his attraction to her send sparks flying.

Giadia isn't an ordinary police officer. She's an immortal witch who is sent by King Arthur to keep Logan safe from a serial killer who is set on killing dormant vampires just like Logan. The King expressly explains that he does not want Logan's vampire dormant status changed in any way. Giada knows that if she allows Logan to act on his attraction to her she will do the one thing the King asked her not to do. Giadia has to work very hard to not act on Logan's advances because she is just as attracted to him. The serial killer will stop at nothing to see his task done and Giada will do anything she can to keep the man she is quickly falling in love with safe.

This is one steaming hot novel, as usual for Angela Knight. One of the best features to the book is Giada's sidekick mystical ancient Smoke the cat. Good read for paranormal fans who like a little violence and with an erotic mix.

Giada Shepherd is a Maja – an immortal witch of the Mageverse. When vampire knight King Arthur asks her to protect his mortal son from an assassin, she’s willing to do anything she must to keep Logan MacRoy alive. But Logan is no ordinary mortal – he’s a handsome seductive cop, intent on a romance with his beautiful new partner.

Trouble is, Arthur has ordered Giada to keep her distance from Logan. But that’s a lot easier said than done....

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