Friday, March 5, 2010

Romance Book Review: What A Demon Wants

Author: Kathy Love
Series Connection: Demon Can't Help It, Any Way You Want It, I Want You To Want Me
ISBN: 978-0758231956
Genre: Paranormal/ Demon/ Werewolf/ Vampire
Publisher: Brava


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Kathy Love's latest book What a Demon Wants continues in line with her other recent Brava books, but can be read on its own.

Readers first meet Ellina as a cat in Demon Can't Help It, which is the story of Ellina's half brother Makism. Ever since the cat incident strange things have been happening to Ellina. She's had break-ins at her house and strange phone calls. It could be her trickster demon twin half-brothers, but Ellina just isn't sure.

Worried about her and not able to keep an eye on Ellina twenty-four-seven, Makism hires a bodyguard for Ellina. Not liking being around people, or anyone else, Ellina is totally against the idea, but Makism leaves her no choice and before she knows it her new bodyguard Jude has moved into her home and she's getting all red scaley and demon-like.

Jude knows it is a mistake taking this job. He is instantly attracted to Ellina even though he hates demons and a barely tolerate their touch. He reluctantly accepts when Makism's wife goes into labor during his interview. Now he is stuck with the beautiful demon. Ellina turns out to be different. Unlike other demons, he doesn't cringe when she's near and she is really in danger. There is no way he can leave the woman he's falling in love with to defend herself against the unknown.

What a Demon Wants is a delight to read. I loved all of Ellina's little quirks and her escape episodes as she tries to keep her secret shifts from Jude. Jude is a great tortured hero. Living with a long past and hoping to change the future as he lives on for eternity. The description of the demon twin trickster brothers was imaginative, leaving the reader to want to hear more from the two of them in the future.

A bodyguard? Why in the world would a demon need a bodyguard? Yes, it's true Ellina Kostova is only half demon...and an author with a cult following, but that just means strange stuff happens. She isn't in real danger. Heck, she's in more danger from Jude Anthony, the guy her brother has hired to protect her. In big danger, actually. Because she just cannot be attracted to...well, anyone. She's too much of a demon in bed. No, really.

Jude has grown accustomed to being an outcast, adrift in both the mortal and preternatural worlds. Being a paid fighting machine isn't glamorous, but he does it - and many other things - spectacularly well. And man does Ellina Kostova need a lot of protection. But he needs protection, too. She's making him remember what it feels like to be human. And he's already learned no good can come of that. Especially when he's been hired not only to protect her - but also kill her.

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