Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Romance Book Review: Purr-Fect Man

Author: Ann Campbell
ISBN: Not available
Genre: Erotic Romance/ Shifter
Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Very short tale about an animal doctor who receives a cougar in her custody to take care of only to have him disappear in the night from a locked cage. During the night she is distracted by the man who she has been lusting after. Could it be that he is the one who took the cougar, or is it something else entirely?

Kate Spencer loves her job as a vet in a wild life rehab. Working with the very sexy Quinton Tocho is an added perks. If not for the poachers who have been raiding the area of wildlife, life might be perfect.

Quinton is the park’s wildlife biologist. Determined to discover the true identity of the poachers, he uses his ability to shape shift to his advantage. It works until finds himself locked in a cage in Kate's rehab. Can he escape without exposing his gift to the woman he fantasizes about? Would she care?

About the Author:
Ann Campbell lives in central Texas with her husband, two great children and more animals than any person really needs. Her mother, the English teacher, got her started reading romance novels in her early teens as a way to get me interested in reading. It worked. She love books. After leaving her corporate job to stay home with her children, she decided she wanted to try writing and fell in love with the ability to create a story from scratch.

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